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Searching for a voice you haven’t yet found?
Maybe it’s this one.

It’s young and hazy, hopeful, a little delicate, full of character and warmth.

I believe the right voice can bring you home.
And this could be it.

As a natural listener, there’s one thing I know for certain - when you’re speaking, it’s about making people feel heard.

A real, emotionally engaging voice is the way to do that. Because when I feel it, you feel it too.

I’ve trained with some of the best in the business to hone my craft and develop the tools to get to the heart of your message.

So when you work with me, you get a voice you can feel right down to your bones.


My Headshot! I've got a big grin and curly brown hair. Standing outside in front of a wall of leaves

Hi there, I’m Rae Emily George, voiceover artist and freelance creative.

I’ve been making theatre for the last twelve years, but in 2020 when everything shut, I still wanted to perform - and I’ve been talking into a mic ever since.

I love making things that take people on an emotional journey. My interest in voiceover started with TV commercials - they have always made me feel something, whether it’s excited, heartbroken, or just feeling at home. I want to use my voice to bring other people to those places too.

So if you want your audience to feel something, I’m just the person to help.

I’ve spent the last several years training with voiceover coaches around the world, who’ve taught me how to approach every script with precision and empathy. I’m highly communicative, dependable, and a whiz at self-direction.

Let’s have a chat about your project. If you’re interested in a sample read or a quote for some work, drop me a message with the details.

About my Accent

I grew up in Hong Kong with what’s generally known as an ‘International’ accent.

Having lived in the UK for almost ten years now, it’s mostly a neutral british with american and some australian features. It’s a great fit if you’re looking for a mid-atlantic or more global sound to appeal to international markets.

These days I mostly perform in a neutral british accent, or modern RP; most native brits never guess I’m not from the UK!

You’ll often find me recording from my Home Studio in Bristol.

These days I'm using a RODE NT1-A Microphone and Audient EVO 4 Interface. I mainly work with Reaper but have been known to jump into Adobe Audition on occasion.

I’m more than happy to meet you at a local studio to record, or if you’re not local, to travel to you. I live very close to Bristol Temple Meads and can be at London Paddington or Birmingham New Street within two hours.

My studio, which is equipt with a professional RODE NT1-A Microphone I also use the Audient EVO 4 Interface
Rae has incredible range, is professional, courteous, efficient and is simply a delight to work with.

- Peter Beresford, Fuzing

Where you've heard my voice

UWE Bristol Fuzing Moonbit Rurasmus

Some Recent Work